For all the science of winemaking, the intent of this project is something more holistic, almost spiritual - the shared table. The experience of sharing a meal. A conversation. A point in time. A bottle of wine. With this iteration of our business, we're making creative space for our winemaking team.

The Collective was imagined to foster the growth of our winemakers; to provide a lower risk model for them to expand their presence, give them a chance to work by their own directive, and to try new styles. Top to bottom freedom. Low burden of entry.

We view the work of our winemakers, at least in part, as artistic expression. At The Austin Winery, we make space for every voice as much as we can, but certain elements still have to be distilled and smoothed. We build our narrative one bottle at a time. The Collective project allows the full scope of vision of the individual to be put forth, no filter.

Take a minute. Scroll through. See if there's something you like. You know and love their faces, this is your chance to taste their passion. Expect more soon.