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Winemaking: Small batch wines made by winemaker, Adrienne Ash. Her winemaking style focuses on natural winemaking practices, utilizing terra-cotta Amphorae/Jars, and the best of Texas fruit. Inspired by ancient winemaking practices, Adrienne these methods of the past and bringing them into the future. @ashwines1 

Fruit: Crooked Post Vineyard is a family owned and operated vineyard that planted their first vines in the spring of 2014. Among those vines is their first generation of Tempranillo. The 2021 vintage is more proof that even with difficult growing weather, the Tempranillo grape will continue to produce bold flavor. @crooked_post_vineyards

Nose: Black cherry, dried flowers and berry coulis. Palate: Bright acid, angular tannins and fruit leather finish.

36 Cases produces, 100% Texas High Plains Tempranillo, Picked September 7th, 2021 fermented and aged 7 months in Novum jar, 11.85% ABV, Native yeast, no finning of filtering, limited sulfites added before bottling on April 27th, 2022. 

Small production-limited wholesale-for inquiries contact Adrienne at adrienne@theaustinwinery.com