The Austin Wine Club

Become part of our family and enjoy the best Texas wines all year round by joining our wine club. 

Each pick-up or shipment (excluding shipping prices) includes 3 bottles of our wine for ~$75. You can choose to receive only red wines or a mix of everything we make. We make a large range of wines every year so expect few repeats.


Quarterly ( 4 x $75  = $300 a year for 12 bottles)

Semi-Annual ( 2 x $75  = $150 a year for 6 bottles) 


Benefits include 1 free glass of wine anytime you visit the winery and 15% off any bottle or merchandise. Take advantage of your discount and buy a bottle at the winery if you're ever jonesing for a favorite.


Sign up in-person at the winery when you're ready to join.