Operating Philosophy

In defining who we are - what we’re all about - we say that we straddle traditional and conventional wine.


We started our business incredibly small-scale. Just two stainless steel tanks and a half dozen barrels. Our young team is self-funded and self-taught. No old, inherited vineyard or retirement bank account to reinvest. Every ferment, harvest, and glass poured has taught us a lesson. Every case sold goes straight back into production, straight back into making more wine. In 2013, we made 600 cases. In 2019, we made nearly 6,000.

We acknowledge the traditional expectations of wine service but choose to rewrite the norms to better serve our community, aiming to make our wine accessible to as many Austinites as we can. You don't need a Hill Country, pastoral vineyard and stuffy tasting room with an in-house sommelier to have a good wine experience. We’re in the middle of South Austin, in a warehouse district. No vines nearby. Everyone that serves is involved in winemaking, if not one of our three winemakers themselves. And we make and price our wines with every customer in mind. No matter your experience level, whether you’re a wine novice or a life-long lover, you’ll get the same passionate service from our team. No pretense, just wine.

As an urban winery, the only things we own are our tanks, barrels, and finished wine - no vines or vineyards. Our business model allows us to work with a huge breadth and depth of fruit from all around this vast state of ours. We’ve spent the last 7 years hunting for the best fruit and the best vineyards, never settling for anything less than excellence. Over the years, we’ve grown our list of exceptional farmers who we trust whole-heartedly to grow the best fruit they can, so we can make the best wine.


Lastly, we’re a young team with a lot of energy and curiosity. Texas is a new wine region without any defined tradition. We see many avenues available to us, in marketing and service and packaging and branding, but particularly in production. Ancestral wine philosophies and techniques are making their way back into the wine world. We made our first “natural” or “low-intervention” wine in our third vintage. These days, they’re a third of our profile. We make big cab sauvs and can-conditioned piquettes; wild blends and varietal wines; sterile-filtered table whites and vegan, san soufre, crushable reds. We’re kids in a candy shop, there’s nothing to stop us from trying out a new style other than the extent of our imagination. The wine world is big and changing all the time, we want to explore every corner.