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Embark on a journey through the heart of Texas with our One Elm Vineyards Vermentino, a testament to the vibrant terroir of the High Plains. Nestled among the undulating hills and sun-drenched plains, our Vermentino vines thrive under the Lone Star State's generous sun and cooling breezes.

In the glass, this Vermentino presents a shimmering straw hue, reminiscent of the golden hues of a Texas sunset. From the first swirl, aromas of zesty citrus, fragrant white blossoms, and a subtle minerality rise to greet the senses, reflecting the unique essence of our vineyards.

On the palate, flavors unfold like a Texan mosaic, with layers of ripe grapefruit, crisp pear, and a touch of wild herbs, all underscored by a refreshing acidity that mirrors the clear skies above the High Plains. The finish is as expansive as the Texas horizon, leaving a lingering impression of pure, unadulterated joy.

Versatile and full of Texan charm, our Elm Vineyards Vermentino is the perfect companion for Southern barbecues, spicy Tex-Mex cuisine, or simply enjoyed on its own as you soak in the beauty of the Lone Star State. Raise a glass and toast to the spirit of Texas in every sip.