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Non-vintage GSM Blend 

77% Grenache, 19% Syrah, 4% Mourvèdre 

Texas Hill Country AVA, Salt Lick Vineyards 

Only 280 cases produced

40 PPM SO2 added at bottling

Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre come together in this Hill Country red blend to make a balanced, complex, bright medium-bodied red wine. 2021 carbonic-macerated Grenache was blended with 2019 Syrah and Mourvèdre in barrel. It was bottled and left to settle since February 2021. The nose brings you notes of tea leaves, umami, pomegranate juice, and a touch of dried rose petals bringing warmth and smoothness to the aroma. On the palate you'll get mouthwatering flavors of bright strawberries, savory mushroom, cranberry sauce, and a finishing flavor of baking pastry, such as pie crust. 

This wine will pair well with holiday dinners. It is versatile, crowd-pleasing, and just the right amount of tannins. Pick up a bottle and make your relatives drink it before the subject of politics is brought up. 

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