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Introducing our exquisite 2021 Merlot from the renowned Robert Clay Vineyards nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Crafted with passion and expertise, this limited edition release is a testament to the unique terroir of our vineyards, resulting in a truly exceptional wine.

Pouring a rich, deep garnet hue, this Merlot captivates with its inviting aromas of ripe blackberries, plums, and subtle hints of vanilla. The nose unfolds into a symphony of delicate floral notes, showcasing the meticulous care given to the grape cultivation and winemaking process.

On the palate, the 2021 Merlot offers a harmonious blend of flavors. Velvety smooth, it caresses the senses with luscious dark fruit flavors, including black cherries and raspberries. The wine's well-integrated tannins provide structure, while a touch of oak imparts a gentle spiciness that lingers on the finish.

Reflecting the unique characteristics of the Texas Hill Country, this Merlot embodies the warmth of the region and the dedication of Robert Clay Vineyards to producing wines of distinction. Only 125 cases of this limited-edition vintage were meticulously crafted, ensuring that each bottle tells a story of passion, craftsmanship, and the spirit of the Texas terroir.

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