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100% Tempranillo - One Elm Vineyards, Texas High Plains, 10% alc by vol 165 cases Produced. 

Alright, darlings, gather 'round for a little sip of heaven with our brand spankin' new Pet-Nat 100% Tempranillo. Picture this: you're loungin' in a sun-drenched meadow, sippin' on a glass of pure joy. That's what this beauty brings to the table. Light as a feather with the juiciest notes of strawberries, it's like a sweet summer fling. But here's the kicker – there's a whisper of creaminess in there, just like dunkin' your berries in a dollop of cream. And get this, there's a hint of salt too, darlin', givin' it that extra oomph that'll have you goin' back for more. It's a little slice of paradise in a bottle, and you won't wanna miss out on this one, sugar.

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