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Introducing a truly exceptional wine, the Albariño from One Elm Vineyard in the heart of the Texas High Plains. This single varietal gem emerges from the meticulous cultivation of vines in a unique, single vineyard setting, capturing the essence of the terroir in every sip. What sets this wine apart is its commitment to purity and authenticity, with absolutely no additives used in the winemaking process. Crafted in small batches, only 225 cases were produced, ensuring that each bottle receives the utmost attention and care. What truly distinguishes this Albariño is its unconventional approach – an amber wine that undergoes fermentation and aging in sandstone amphorae. This ancient winemaking technique imparts a distinctive character to the wine, enhancing its color, complexity and depth. With every pour, experience the vibrant terroir of Texas High Plains, echoing through the notes of this exquisite Albariño.

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