Five Whimsical Wineries in the Austin Area

The vibe: Being inside The Austin Winery is comfortable yet chic and interesting. If you’re hesitant to visit a winery for fear of the experience feeling out of place or snobby, this is the place for you. The ambience is casual and this is a great place to comfortably taste wines or take a tour of the winery. The labels on the wine are anything but ordinary, featuring artist Nic Mathis’ abstract drawings of animals, landscapes and more. You can learn about the art behind the labels on The Austin Winery website. The wine: The wine at The Austin Winery is grown from vineyards in Texas, California and Washington. So tasting wine here is unique, as you can compare Texas wine to California and Washington wines. Try the Old Vine Zinfandel, a delectable combination of zinfandel and petite sirah. A big plus for this winery is the short driving distance, as it’s located in the city. The Austin Winery allows a genuine winery experience without the travel. Head out for a tasting or a tour of the winery, and you won’t be disappointed. - Read the full article

written by Macy Moore

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