SOTO VINO Euphoria

The Austin Winery

SOTO VINO - "Euphoria". 100% Viognier. Skin Contact. Robert Clay Vineyard. Texas Hill Country. 2019. 11% ABV.

The personal production of our friends Christian and Dominic Soto of SOTO VINO.

Notes: Street walkin' tannins, peach dribbles, and persimmon dust in solar wind.

Like waking up in a historic hotel in the mountains, homemade candied orange slices are resting on the freshly laundered pillow next to you. A continental breakfast awaits downstairs featuring peach and persimmon tarts, solar dust particles, orange tang, and the neighbors you shared a wall with last night. Your BnB host just pressed play on the only 8-Track she keeps around, and now Eddie Rabbitt's Driving My Life Away is blaring in the dining room. The only question left is which direction to go after you finish breakfast: Vegas or Malibu?

  • Amada Miller + Nicholas Frank

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