The Austin Winery

The only vermouth being produced in the city of Austin. This is our second vermouth, more spiced and aged than our first bottling.

Our production has always taken cues from European/Mediterranean tradition - everything from variety selection to cellar practices. Vermouths and aromatized wines are a cornerstone of European drinking tradition yet tragically ignored in our times, especially in Texas. We felt it was time to change that. 

We came at this with an eye for hybridizing Italian and Spanish vermouth. The core concept was to make a fully dry vermouth meant to be drank straight, over ice, or as a spritz (not your usual, syrupy, oxidized product). We started with a barrel of 2017 Tempranillo (still alive and tannic and well spiced) and introduced the extensive herb bill piece-meal. We started with fresh herb sachets pitched straight into barrel. We followed up with more savory additions Sichuan peppercorn, cinnamon, black cardamom, and fenugreek. We also used some of our own white wine brandy, in which we steeped additional herbs and spices. The final twist to this was that we aged the wine and all it's additions for a full 12 months after adding them all into barrel. The evolution over time was remarkable.

Expect a heavily spiced, slightly tannic, and very dry vermouth. Just as excellent in a Manhattan as it is straight. 

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