Picpoul 2019 Pét-Nat, Multi-Vintage Ripasso

The Austin Winery

2019 Picpoul, aged on lees in stainless for 1yr, refermented with pressed 2020 Marsanne + Picpoul skins, Kubacak (High Plains) and Salt Lick (Hill Country), multi-vintage ripasso, banana bread, yellow apple, canned pineapple, brioche, cinnamon, elderflower, oceanic salinity.


This wine is a doozy. There's a ton of points to hit. Bear with me.

It started it's life as a single variety tank ferment in 2019. We bled a lot off the main ferment for side projects but we were left with a huge volume of wine without any plan. The year progressed and the wine kept transforming. Very simple green apple flavors quickly morphed into deep over ripe banana, with an almost sherry-like secondary profile. We loved what the picpoul gave us in terms of chemical analysis (low malic acid, very high TA, low brix, and an easy harvest window to boot) but sort of felt lost on how to use it. We had a huge production in 2019 and it sat on the back burner in favor of bigger projects. 

Then it was time to harvest 2020 Hill Country whites. Cooper was inspired by an Italian orange wine that utilized the Ripasso technique, albeit a different form than what we are used to seeing. We took a chance and pitched in some of our Hill Country white skins for a ripasso style. We have made some "employee only" wines with that fruit in previous vintages but never put it into full production (the vines are very young and low-yielding), so we at least knew what flavors to expect. We pressed the skins of their free-run juice for other projects and pitched at roughly 1lbs of skins/gal of fruit (a low ratio, usually closer to 5lbs/gal). 10days of contact later, we pressed, settled, and bottled with a little residual sugar to carbonate in bottle.

The wine completely unique for us and we can promise you've never had anything like it.


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