Malvasia Bianca 2019

The Austin Winery

100% Malvasia Bianca - all-native, full malo, Nogalero Estate Vineyards, Texas High Plains, 2019. Froot Loops, ginger candy, lemon grass/curd.


This wine is a notable departure from our other Malvasia Bianca wines. It really is a zero-intervention wine. From the vineyard into bottle. I wish I could write more about it but we did literally nothing except pick, press, rack, and bottle. 

We've ranted and raved about the Nogalero Estate a number of times. It's situated a bit west of the rest of our vineyards in Tahoka, near Seagraves. It seems to have it's own microclimate, being spared from surprise tornados and the yearly hail storms. Many of the common and even some of the stranger pests like grape berry moth seem to ignore the vineyard. Directly from the mouth of the vineyard owner, nothing was applied to the vines - no fungicide, herbicide, nor pesticide. Fun bonus, the vines are just a yew yards from a multi-acre organic pecan orchard. Biodiversity on multiple levels.

In the cellar, we have to admit to sort of ignoring this wines; it didn't fit our other projects, and so we rolled the dice and let it go, let it become its own thing, without any influence: No yeast or bacteria added, unfined and unfiltered, no temp control during ferment (got hot, it's the primary reason the wine is different), racked just once pre-bottling - we see that all as a positive. We talk about how the job of the winemaker is to express terroir, variety, and vintage - basically, nature should be the star of the show, not a "rockstar winemaker". 

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