LØNG LIVE "Vin Joven" Tempranillo

The Austin Winery

Super limited pre-production release. Only 48 bottles.

LØNG LIVE - 2020 "Vin Joven" varietal Tempranillo. Robert Clay Vineyard, Mason, TX. Texas Hill Country.

The personal production of our co-founder and head winemaker Cooper Anderson. .

Nothing added, nothing taken: low-intervention approach. Hand-harvested. 10 days tank ferment, with an extra 4 days of extended contact after going dry. Destemmed. Punch downs and pump overs. 

This particular bottling was aged separately from the rest of the gallonage; after pressing, the wine was allowed to settle in tank before being racked into barrel. There was a few gallons extra that wouldn't fit that was aged in small glass carboys. Bottled Oct 12, released Dec 11.

This is a unique site with special topography and soil composition. Mason has large deposits of Topaz (the state gem) in the soil and even in the top soil. The vineyard is rich with sandstone bedrock. We think the minerality and earth-toned fruits to the wine are very expressive of the site.

Tasting Notes: Sandstone, cherry wood, pie crust.

Drink young. Do less. 


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