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Canned Amaro. I've never heard of another, have you?

This product was a beautiful collab that saw work from our neighbors Spokesman Coffee, St Elmo Brewing, The Still, and many others. The base for the amaro is 6+ varieties all co-aged in barrel. The major addition were roasted Burundi coffee from Spokesman, yaupon tea, citrus peel, and damiana - listed in order of decreasing impact and volume. A huge number of other botanicals were utiliized in smaller portions, including cardamom, star anise, sasparilla, chicory, and cinnamon. A total of 7 ingredients were all locally grown and some are Texas native plants.

This product is something really special. A one-of-a-kind. A deep dive into traditional spirits and a huge amalgamation of local efforts and global ingredients. We're cheesin' about it pretty hard.


Try it from a tumbler full of ice, twist of citrus peel. Or a wine glass. Or find a clever mix. We recommend it with your afternoon coffee. Let us know!


250ml per can, 8.5% alc by vol. ~10mg caffeine per can. 4-packs available.

(PS: Ikawa means coffee in Burundi)


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