EFW Viognier

The Austin Winery

Elliott Family Wines - 2019 Viognier, Texas High Plains, Nogalero Estate Vineyard

The personal production of our long-time assistant winemaker Travis Elliott.

5 days on skins. Foot-crushed. 7 mos in barrel, neutral french oak. A little batonnâge. 6 mos bottle rest. Dressed up for her first day of school.

This is a style of Viognier you won't find anywhere else in Texas, maybe even beyond. Melon Caprisun, white flower, orange peel, yellow apple, honey, apricot, almond. Despite oxidative aging, she's still big and fresh. Rich body from autolysis. And just enough tannin and bitterness to prime you for another sip.

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Cab Sauv and Tempranillo in 2021!

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