Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our unique sourcing model and winemaking methodology allows us to reduce our carbon footprint relative to the rest of the wine industry.

Growing grapes in their best growing areas: Efficient planting based on years of trial + error and precise knowledge of the soil / climate allows us to reap the best fruit with the smallest footprint. 
    Eco-conscious, biodynamic vineyards: Farming grapes in a non-exploitative way. This is a whole earth perspective: The bees, flowers, animals, plants, wildlife, birds, insects work in harmony with us (the vintner) to create nuanced flavors as delicately balanced as the ecosystem itself.
      Shipping grapes requires less energy than shipping bottled wine: By harvesting on-site and transporting the grapes back to TX, we save transportation costs that all CA wineries have to endure to get their product here. We just bring the grapes, rather than all the glass and packaging that the finished product of CA wineries does. 

      Locally made bottles:  We use glass produced in Texas, print our labels here and complete each wine right in the heart of Austin.
        Recycled cork - corks were endangered a while ago and synthetic ones are gross!

          Innovative Alternatives to Bottles

          Two programs we are helping to pioneer share an extremely reduced footprint overall and maintain freshness of the wine once opened well past an open bottle, reducing wasted wine.
          Thanks to their quick-chilling technology and low 2% packaging by weight, AstroPaq® pouches provide an audited 80% reduction in carbon footprint vs. their equivalent volume in glass. 
          Our eco-friendly 9L barrels (= 12 bottles) efficiently dispenses by-the-glass with minimal oxidation so no wine goes to waste, all while minimizing the costly overhead of labels, corks, and glass that add to the cost of wine.

          Using the Barrel Program for large consumption events and venues, our customers are able to save on average, 15% more wine and 15-40% on cost.

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          Our Barrel Program

          Additionally The Austin Winery supports other local, conscious business such as Great Bean Co, P.F. Candles and Antonelli's