Careers and Internships

The Austin Winery Internship Programs
Our internships are divided into semesters.
 Spring (Feb - May)
Summer (June - August)
Fall (August - December)
    The 3 Roles:
    PR / Marketing / Branding - Focus on developing your skills as an all-in-one marketing machine. Click here for details.
    Asst. Winemaker - Focus on all aspects of production - fermentation, filtration, bottling, blending, wine analysis. Students will learn and utilize chemistry and engineering skills within the context of wine production. Click here for details.
    Operations Manager - Small business administration, accounting, cost/profit analysis, scheduling, compliance. Privy to the inner workings of a small business and management. Click here for details.
    Leah Phillips                                                                                                              Stuart Ashmun
    PR, Marketing & Design Intern                                                                                       Business Operations & Winemaking Intern
    Claudia Willis                                                                                                           Annemieke Bay
    Sales & Distribution Intern                                                                                             Marketing Intern, Fall 2014
    Gary Brenner                                                                                                             Travis Elliot
    Business Operations Intern, Summer 2015                                                                       Winemaking Intern, 2014
    If interested:
    Please provide resume & cover letter explaining which position you are interested in and any relevant experience.