How It Works

GROW:  We create partnerships with small, family-owned vineyards across the country by contracting acreage on their vineyards. We only work with vineyards that adhere to biodynamic practices: non-exploitative practices that benefits the entire ecosystem - not just the vines. From planting to harvest, we're involved in the management of the vineyards every step of the way.
HARVEST: When harvest time rolls around, we hit the road to get to work. Varying on the final wine in mind, usually we will crush & de-stem in the fields, turning the grapes into grape must, and pack the must (or grapes) into macrobins, load into a refrigerated truck and get back to Austin.
CRAFT: Now its winemaking time. All the grapes and/or must are brought into the winery and Cooper, our head winemaker, gets to work. All the winemaking happens right in Austin, from full fermentation, barrel-aging, filtration, bottling and serving.
DRINK: We craft our wine specifically to be as approachable as possible. You won't find white tablecloths or snobbery here. This doesn't mean taking short-cuts, adding sugar or gimmicks - but means crafting each wine to be a true representation of both the region the grapes were grown and each varietal. 
We hang our hat high on this premise because the first step to being comfortable with wine is understanding the basics. The key to understanding Texas wine is tasting them next to a glass grown in cool climate California, a California chardonnay next to a Washington one and the like-- All crafted by the same winemaker who is in the tasting room to taste with you and answer all your questions. A unique experience only available at The Austin Winery.