WINE EDU: Courses by our staff on winemaking, assessment, and more

With the reopening of our tasting room, we want to refocus on providing the best depth of experience we can. We've always provided education as an informal part of our tastings, but we want to provide a more in-depth avenue for those amateurs and new wine-professionals to expands their horizons.
Members of our winemaking staff (Cooper, Adrienne, Travis) will be leading semi-regular educational courses focused on winemaking techniques, wine assessment, climate/geography/terroir, and more. The tone of the courses will be a semi-socratic lecture; we can talk all day about our wines and philosophies, and we'll have a presentation prepared, but we know the value of conversational learning and care more about learning what you do and don't know. The aim is to provide a tailored experience for all attendees.
Hope to see you all very soon.
PS: ticketed events for future releases are in the pipeline. Coming soon.

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