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Pét-Nat 2021 - 85% Grüner Veltliner, 15% Muscat Fleur D'Orange, Kubacak and Crooked Post Vineyards (respectively), High Plains, 2021. Native Ferment, ~5 mos aging on lees pre-disgorge. 11.75% alcohol. 150 cases.

We're sad to have lost the 2021 Malvasia Bianca to a hail storm but we couldn't not make Pét-Nat. Enter Grüner and OM. Muscat for the aromatics, and Grüner for the chalky, fruity, 'cid-y (acid) base. The new blend show cases Texas and it's broad range of fruit and stylistic expressions so well. Still as far as we know the only Grüner in the state, we consider ourselves very fortunate to be working with it and showing how great it can be, a long way from its home climate. 

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