SOTO VINO Desert Trip

The Austin Winery

SOTO VINO - "Desert Trip" rosé. Skin-fermented Albariño, barrel-fermented Picpoul Blanc, carbonic Grenache. 4mos in neutral french oak barrel. One Elm Vineyard. Texas High Plains. 2020. 11.5% ABV.

The personal production of our friends Christian and Dominic Soto of SOTO VINO.

Notes: The smell of a lightning storm, pomegranate, unidentified citrus fruit 

“Ancient Greeks revered the pomegranate fruit, linking it to the union of Hades and Persephone. This marriage–we can only imagine–would have occurred under a waterfall of pomegranate juice, half eaten peaches, electric figs, lightning bolts, and strange citrus not even Pomona herself could identify. And of course, Soto’s Desert Trip rosé would be the driving force of this delicious downpour. Flowing from fountains into bejeweled goblets typically used only to cheers new growth in spring, but something tells me Hades would also dust them off for special occasions, such as the release of a vintner’s first wine. “

  • Amada Miller + Nicholas Frank

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