SOTO VINO Peyote Ugly

The Austin Winery

SOTO VINO - "Peyote Ugly". 100% Orange Muscat. Skin Contact. Crooked Post Vineyard. Texas Hill Plains. 2021. 12.5% ABV.

The personal production of our friends Christian and Dominic Soto of SOTO VINO.

Appearance : pale amber with flecks of pink pearl & burnt gold on the hue. Straw hay haze giving cloudy refractions a la liquid light show.

Just ripe, light pink, grill-kissed Grapefruit
Earl Grey Tea
Pecorino Romano
Winter orange blossom floral

Medium, refreshing “lemonade stand” body, medium plus “sour hard candy” acid, medium (perfect) alcohol.
Juicy Tangelo with a little dollop of vanilla cream
Dusty “Tang” powder tannin with a slight limestone grip
Nectar of white Easter Lily

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