Revenge Vermouth

The Austin Winery

Austin-grown herbs and spices. Texas-grown grapes. The only vermouth being produced in the city of Austin. 

We came at this vermouth from a novel angle, more in-line with Spanish and Italian tradition. The intention was to make a dry vermouth meant to be drank straight, or over ice (not your usual, syrupy, oxidized, left-over wine vermouth). We started with a barrel of 2017 Tempranillo (still alive and tannic and well spiced, fully dry) and introduced fresh herb sachets straight into barrel. We also used some of our own white wine brandy, in which we steeped even more spices. The major contributors to the flavor are 4 different basil varieties (leaves and blossoms) along with orange pith and cinnamon. 9 other herbs and spices were introduced to help bring freshness and spice.

Expect a floral, spiced, slightly tannic, and very dry vermouth. Just as excellent in a Manhattan as it is straight. 

Collections: Specialty and Sparkling, Wines

Category: brandy, Red Wine, tempranillo, vermouth, wine

Type: Red Wine

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