Piquette 2.1 (750ml)

The Austin Winery

Piquette 2.1. 65% grüner veltliner, 25% syrah, 10% sangiovese juice. First of the 2020 harvest.


Piquette is a NATURAL wine with NATURAL sparkles made with pressed grape clusters (grapes, stems, seeds, and all).


After the grapes are pressed and the juice is removed for traditional winemaking, we rehydrate the solids with water and continue the maceration. The still piquette is racked off solids and a small amount of unfermented juice is added to reinvigorate the yeast. The unfiltered wine will referment in bottle, resulting in a low ABV, dry, sparkling wine!  


It has a brilliant, almost glowing color, with tart berry and watermelon notes, medium bubbles, and a mildly tannic finish. Piquettes fit somewhere between sour beers, ciders, hard seltzers, kombuchas.



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