Tempranillo Nuevo

The Austin Winery

We try to challenge ourselves as winemakers every year and tackle a new winemaking style; we'd taken on a native ferment (by accident) once before with the Zin Nouveau from 2016 (the same fruit as the current OVZ) but never true carbonic maceration.

There was a lot of shuffling during the 2018 harvest on account of unfortunate weather and missed tonnage estimates. We were left scrambling to fill some shortages and found We-6 Ranch last minute. The vineyard is a short drive out into the Hill Country (Kendalia, TX) and was set up for hand-harvesting (carbonic requires unbroken berries and hand-harvesting is significantly gentler when done right). We knew as soon as we heard about the vineyard that it was our best shot for the wine we wanted to make.


We love the resulting wine and hope you do too. It's a big departure from our usual work - one for the nerds, for sure. 

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Type: Red Wine

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