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spu-MONTE 2021 - 85% Montepulciano, 8% Tempranillo, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon, Mandola and Robert Clay and Salt Lick Vineyards (respectively), Hill Country, 2021. Native Ferment, hand-picked and processed by our crew, undisgorged (judiciously racked and settled). 11% alcohol. 53 cases.

We'll keep it short, but we're very invested in this wine and it invokes a lot of feelings in us. The majority of the blend, the Montepulciano, comes from a vineyard that we spent a lot of time in between Fall of '20 and Summer of '21. June '21 presented a lot of challenges for vineyard managers in the Hill Country (frequent rain). Despite the adversity, we were able to see the fruit through into glass. We're very proud of this wine and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.