Prove Dad right: be a pro [winer] this Father's day

The ultimate list of film's and television's favorite father figures, the dads you love to hate and what they’d be drinking come Sunday.

By: Leah Phillips

Father’s day is right around the corner, and if you procrastinate as much as I do, then you have been drawing [blancs] on what to give the dad in your life. But fear not, if your father is a TV, movie or wine enthusiast, or if he just happens to be a fan of whatever gift you choose (as long as it’s above 10% ABV), you have struck gold today, my friend.


Darth Vader, Star Wars Episodes 3, 4 & 5: Pinot Noir

The Pinot is strong with this one.

The Lord of the Dark side wouldn’t be caught on this side of Alderaan drinking anything but a dark colored wine; oh no, he demands a red so deep it outshines his light-saber. Complex and full of swirling flavors that range from traces of red licorice to hints of wild blueberry and milk chocolate, this wine is full of dark, delicious mystery. Much like Darth’s temper, the Pinot Noir grape is much more delicate than its cousins, preferring specific weather patterns of long springs and falls which makes keeping them growing and happy rather challenging. Not to mention that one of the most celebrated villains of all time deserves a wine style that is arguably the most acclaimed. It might be a bit of an egomaniac, but that makes it perfect for Lord Vader.

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Jack Torrance, The Shining: Zinfandel

Here’s Zinny.

A rather erratic man, Jack flocks to a wine with a torn identity. Zinfandel naturally creates a fruity and full bodied red wine, however only around 15% of it goes towards creating that style. Instead most of the fruit goes to creating the sweet blush known as White Zinfandel. Jack also finds himself sympathizing to Zin’s rather torrid past, it was thought for a long time to be the all-american grape until DNA testing showed its footprints were identical to Italian Privitivo and Croatian Tribiddrag grapes. Zin can be a little zany, with alcohol percentages upwards of nearly 17%, but that makes it the prefered companion for Jack as he tries to keep warm in the snow.

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George Bluth Sr., Arrested Development: Chardonnay

There’s always money in the wine bottle.

Also known as Prisoner # 1881372911, George Bluth Sr. is a delicate soul, preferring the finer things in life like a wine that originated in Bordeaux, France. Chardonnay is the sidekick to this real estate mastermind because whether he’s trying new deals in Iraq, fleeing to Mexico or hiding in a model home attic, he can get his hands on a bottle of one of the world’s most popular white wines. It is the most planted white grape across the globe, taking up nearly 500,000 acres of farmland. The easy access makes it essential for a man on the run and the perfect way to poison his enemies as his other criminal identity, “The Muffin Man.” Dry and full bodied, this white wine will be Bluth Sr.’s drink of choice this father’s day as he pairs it with a frozen banana.

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Don Vito Corleone, The Godfather: Grenache

He’s going to make a wine they can’t refuse.

As head of the most powerful gang family in all of New York City, Don Corleone prefers his wine to pair flawlessly with his air of control and power. Grenache is the seedy underground mastermind of the wine industry, aging easily for 15-20 years before it strikes. It’s patient in it’s plan to help Corleone be the ultimate boss of the city and has stretched its vines to have influence in regions as far as Algeria. With hints of leather and grilled plums, a glass of this  sophisticated old world favorite brings Carleone’s class meter to an all time high as he sits high above his kingdom of concrete, puffing cigars and warning off enemies with a simple eyebrow raise.  

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Eddard (Ned) Stark, Game of Thrones: Syrah

The man who passes the sentence should drink the Syrah.

Even wolves get thirsty, and as head of the house of Stark, Ned is no exception. The Lord of Winterfell needs a wine to keep his heart brave against those who threaten his family and plot to overthrow the throne. Syrah is the only wine Ned Stark will accept as he must be wary against plots of murder and drink solely from only his own stock. With strong flavors of dark fruits such as black currant and oak hints of allspice and clove, this wine makes up some of the darkest red wine produced to this day. Though there is variation in New and Old World Syrahs, most of the difference is found in the amount of fruit flavor that is present, with the New World style focusing on the fruitier end of the spectrum. The exact date where Syrah entered the wine world is unknown, dating back as far as the Romans or possibly even the Greeks, making this ancient ambrosia the only wine for the Warden of the North.

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Marlin, Finding Nemo: Sauvignon Blanc

He touched the Blanc.

Marlin’s humor is almost as dry as his wine of choice, the Sauvignon Blanc. This white wine has a very refreshing and intensely fruity and flowery taste with a softer body, making it the only drink for an overprotective father to unwind after a long day of swimming out and back in, and out and back in, and out and back in of his sea anemone. It can come in oaked or unoaked versions and can be found growing in regions all over the world, even close by to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Sauvignon has a hint of bravery in all it’s fruit and floral exterior, making it hard not to love and the ideal wine for Marlin as he finds himself on his own unexpected adventure.

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Bryan Mills, Taken: Merlot | Malbec

One thing is for certain: he will look for it. He will find it, and he will drink it.

Poor Bryan Mills is at first seen like the guy who just can’t win, just like Merlot seems like the underdog to Cabernet. Of course, once he’s put in his element we are able to see this awesome dad kicking butts and taking names, which is why he chooses to reach for a glass of this smooth red after a long day of shooting bad guys and chasing people off of over-passes. Merlot and Malbec have been given a bad reputation, but they actually belong in the club of first class wines. Those who know Merlot’s magic, respect it immensely and will never underestimate the power behind it’s punch. So maybe give the so-called underdog a shot, he may take your taste buds on an unforgettable car chase, though perhaps leave the driving and the shooting to Bryan. 

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Phil Dunphy, Modern Family: Port

He’s a cool dad. He’s hip. He surfs the web. He drinks.

When you first met Mr. Dunphy, you likely found him to be delightfully ridiculous and not someone to be taken too seriously, but the longer you watched the more you found he was actually full of genius. He finds himself drawn to the dessert wine because he sympathizes with it’s unmatched potential. True Port wine can only be made from Portuguese fruit, of which there may be up to 52 varieties of grapes, and can come in white, red, rosé and tawny styles. While Port wine and Phil Dunphy aren’t for everyone, those of us who are [phil-ed] in find ourselves lost in a sweet caramel hinted paradise, and this sweet drink is sure to be found in a glass nearby as Phil brainstorms more Phil’s-osophies.

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Curious about these styles of wine, how their made or what they pair with? Click HERE to find more information on the wines we mentioned today, and to all of you winos out there, we hope you have a [grape] father’s day.

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