Red, Wine & Blue

June 27, 2016

What you’re already planning on eating for red, white and blue’s 240th & the wines you didn’t know were matches made in America. 

Fourth of July: the all-american holiday and everyone’s perfect excuse to get sunburnt while floating rivers, grilling in the back yard and dragging out the sprinkler for the kids to play in. There are block parties, friendly picnics, family reunions and semi-awkward office outings. Of course, the two most important things for your fourth of July party to be a hit besides the fireworks that end the night are: food and booze, and we’ve got you covered. These wine and food pairings are so red, white and wonderful it [bordeauxs] on ridiculous.


The Mains:

Hot Dogs - Work Horse

Whether you’re a “kosher-dog-only” type of guy or are a huge fan of the legendary mystery meat gamble when it comes to this sausage shaped food, the best wine for the job is by far a rich red blend. So grab a bottle of Work Horse this week, a velvety blend of Merlot and Malbec, and prepare to say “hot dawg” to this merry little match.

Merlot Burgers - Syrah 

Double the wine double the fun. What sounds better than kicking back in a lawn chair, a dripping cheeseburger in hand with just that hint of wine flavor and reaching for a perfect glass of a old red classic to help you wash down every bite after glorious bite. Creating these mouth-watering burgers is super simple, find our favorite recipe HERE.


Pulled Pork Sandwiches - ZIN 


This little piggy went to market and bought a whole bottle of Zinfandel for all the piggies at home. The deep fruitiness and full bodied flavor of this red feels right at home with cool coleslaw piled atop sweet bbq slathered, slow roasted pork. Make mini pork sliders using Hawaiian sweet rolls to activate ultimate taste bud fireworks.



Grilled Cheese - Pinot Noir

Grilled cheese has come a long way from two Kraft slices on toast, and these insane grilled cheese creations have found their lobster in Pinot Noir. The raspberry and cranberry hinted wine is the only dance partner for thick slices of bread slathered in everything from brie cheese and spinach to gouda and jalapenos. To find out how to really celebrate with grilled cheese this fourth of July, click HERE.



The Sides:

Elotes (mexican street corn) - Sauvignon blanc

This street style mexican food has been fully embraced by American cook-out culture. Whether you like it the traditional way with mayonnaise, spices and cheese or you like to add your own twist to the grilled kernel combo, the best wine for this crazy corn is Sauvignon Blanc. With tart fruit flavors and a semi-sweet ending, this wine is sure to give your grilled corn dish that extra pazazz.


 French Onion Dip - Chardonnay


In les Etats-Unis this summer, the french are more than welcome as long as they bring their french onion soup mix to help make this delicious dollop of heaven. Chardonnay is the only beverage this dish needs no matter the veggie used to get it into our stomachs. After aged in oak, this wine takes on a delicious vanilla and cream taste that is the perfect opposite to the cool and crisp dip coated veggies.



Grilled Watermelon - Rosé

Picture this: while waiting for the grill to finish cooking your main dishes, you’re reclined in a hammock in the shade, sunglasses on, rocking leisurely from side to side with a bowl of sweet grilled melon perfection and sippin’ on some Rosé. The warm, sugary summer snack needs a cold, crisp partner in pink. Let’s be honest, the only thing missing from that 4th of July afternoon would be a bald eagle soaring overhead as Old Glory flaps in the wind.


Pie & Port

The most american dessert of all time deserves a dessert wine just as irresistible. Whether apple, blackberry or pecan is your pie of choice, this brandy infused ambrosia will be the part of your dessert you didn’t know was missing. Made from Portuguese grapes this sweet wine is the only beverage to help you wash down that extra slice or two of buttery crusted bliss, but don’t worry: we won’t tell.


To find all of these wines and more: click HERE.

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