Pinot Noir: an ode to red wine.

With National Pinot Noir day this week, August 18th to be exact, what better way to celebrate sending the kids back to school than with a big glass of one of the globe's most versatile wines?

Pinot Noir is arguably the most prized wine in the world in current wine culture, but why? It’s not as full and rich as many of it’s red siblings, and the grape itself can often be difficult to grow. Even so, it takes up nearly 300,000 acres of farmland worldwide, over half of which is located in either France or the United States.

To find out which regional Pinot Noir you are: check out our BuzzFeed quiz by clicking HERE.

Before Sideways hit the screen, Pinot Noir was already becoming the go-to wine, as it’s light body and flavor combination pairs with everything from spicy duck ragu to goat cheese white pizza. If you invited over your most carnevorous acquaintance and a vegan neighbor, you could find a pinot that would pair with both their meal preferences.

It's common characteristics, regardless of region, are subtle flavors of red fruit, vanilla, tobacco and cola, medium tannin and acidity qualities and a lightness in both body and color.

Our 4 Pinot Noirs are sourced from 4 different Vineyards located in distinct Californian AVAs, to checkout the differences and find out more about each, just click the photos below:

As more and more people start popping pinot, make sure you hop on the bandwagon on August 18th, and raise a glass to summer's end.

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